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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do You Have a Printed Catalog?

We do not offer a printed catalog because our products change frequently. Our website offers the most up-to-date product selection available.

  • Is Your Site Secure?

Yes, we use a secure shopping cart with 128 bit encryption to ensure our customer's personal and financial information is kept confidential.

  • What Credit Cards Do You Accept?

We accept four major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

  • Do You Submit My Personal Information to Third-Party Bulk or Paid Mailing Lists?

No. Your information is used to process your payment and notify you of your order status. We do NOT submit any of our customer's personal information to bulk or paid mailing lists.

  • Will I Be Charged Sales Tax?

If you live in the state of Virginia, you will be charged Virginia sales tax. All other U.S. states are not subject to sales tax.

  • How Quickly Do You Ship Orders?

Your orders are important to us. Whether your sending a birthday gift, a christmas present, or just a few things for yourself, we want to ensure that your items arrive at their destination in the shortest amount of time. We try our best to ship your order within 24 business hours, and sometimes the same day your order is placed!

Business days are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Our 24 hour shipping applies to in-stock items only. You will be notified if the items you have purchased are out of stock. If there are questions or issues concerning your order that require your response, then 24 business hour shipping may not apply. Please note that during the busy holiday season from Thanksgiving to Christmas, our orders increase dramatically and we may not always be able to ship your order within the 24 hour period during this time. However, we make every attempt to ensure that you receive your package within the number of days you requested on your order.

  • I Did Not Receive an Email Confirmation or an Email Order Status Update of My Order.

You should receive an automated email confirmation almost immediately after you place your order with us, and an email each time we update your order status. If you do not receive any email from us, check your Spam folder, or review your filtering rules in your mail box to ensure that you receive our email in your Inbox folder.

If you've checked your Spam folder and did not see an email from us, please click the Contact Us link on any page to send us an email. We will ensure that you receive confirmation by personally sending you an email of your order/order status.

  • What Type of Specials or Customer Discount Programs Do You Offer?

We value you as a customer, and want you to know that you are receiving the lowest price, the best customer service, careful packaging, and the quickest shipping available. We offer the following specials and discount programs to all our customers. Click the links below to learn more about each of our programs.

Monthly Newsletters With Specials - Click the Specials menu link at the top of the page. To recieve our newseltters, click the Subscribe E-News link from the main menu.

  • Do You Offer Volume Discounting?

  • Do You Wholesale Any of Your Products?

We do not wholesale any products at this time.

  • I Accidentally Entered a Wrong Shipping Address. How Do I Correct This?

  • What is Your Return Policy?

  • Do You Take Orders by Phone?

  • How Do I Contact You if I Have Questions?

  • Can I Cancel an Order?

  • Do You Offer Gift Certificates?

  • Do You Offer the Lowest Prices For Your Products?

  • I'm Having Trouble Checking Out. The Items I Add to My Shopping Cart Dissapear.

Open your Internet browser, then select Tools, Internet Options from the main menu.

The Internet Options dialog box appears.

Click the Privacy tab.

Under the Settings section, adjust the scroll bar (move up or down) to allow cookies. As you move the scroll bar, notice the information at the right changes from "Block All Cookies" to "Accept All Cookies".

Find and leave the scroll bar at the setting you are most comfortable with, then click the OK button.

You should now be able to retain items in your shopping cart!

Note that some business servers disable cookies, or require that you contact your systems administrator to access and change the appropriate settings.

  • How Do I Claim RCG Bucks/Reward Points or Coupons?

  • How Are Your Payments Processed When Using a Credit Card vs. a Debit Card?

    • What Are Preorder Items?

    • I'm Sending a Gift, How Will You Package My Shipment?

    • Do You Charge Me Before My Items Ship?

    If you are purchasing your items with a debit card, please refer to How Are Payments Processed?

    • What Does Dealer Exclusive or Platinum Piece Mean?

    • I Didn't Receive An Email Confirming My Order. Why?

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