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There's Still A Candle For Beanpod Lovers!

As you may already know, Beanpod candles are no longer produced and the manufacturer is out of business. As disappointing as this was to us and all our customers, we began our search for alternative candles that offered the same quality and fragrances as Beanpod. We soon found a candle company that not only offers quality soy and beeswax candles, but also has access to many of the same fragrances that Beanpod used! We were so impressed with these candles that we called them Rock Creek Candles, and we're not the only ones who enjoyed this new line! Our Beanpod customers have been raving about them and we think you will too. Thanks for shopping with us for Beanpod products over the many years, and we hope you will find our new candles to be your new favorite candle line!

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