Low Price Guarantee

Low Price Guarantee

It's easy to find the best price on the Internet, but finding the best customer service with prompt shipping, careful packaging, quality products, extra specials AND the best prices can be more difficult! If you see any of our products advertised on another Web site at a price that is lower than ours, you can take advantage of our Low Price Guarantee program! So save yourself some time and aggravation and feel confident in knowing that you're getting the best deal around! Find out more about our program below.

Our Low Price Guarantee applies only to retailers that have the identical product in stock and the product is priced accurately.

We match Specials, Clubs and Offers.

Comparisons must include the product price plus shipping and handling charges when calculating the competitor's total price.

This offer does not apply to unauthorized dealers, auction-based Web sites, foreign-based companies/Web sites, or retailers that are going out of business.

Low Price Guarantee only applies on the date of purchase, prior to products being shipped.

How to Redeem Your Low Price:

When you order from our Web site, just copy and paste the URL (web site address) that contains the lower priced product in the Comments section at checkout. We'll review it immediately and ship your item(s) at the lowest price. Your order details will be adjusted, and we will credit your credit card for the discount difference.

We will contact you if we cannot offer a low price guarantee, and will not charge your credit card.

Thanks for shopping with Rock Creek Gifts! We value your patronage!